News from the editing room and donating with PayPal

Dear Friends and Supporters,


Over the last few weeks we have been working closely with editor Giovanni Pompetti in Brooklyn to create a first rough cut of If Only I Were That Warrior. Our release date is set for February 2015, so the road ahead is still long, but we are starting give form to the documentary. Thanks to the generosity of our Kickstarter backers, we are finished with filming on location in Italy, in Ethiopia and in the US. Now we’re faced with the second part of this process: post-production.


A lot of people have been asking us how to contribute to the production of the film now that the Kickstarter campaign is over. The many steps between shooting and release are expensive, and over the next months we will need to cover the costs of extensive editing, as well as color correction, sound mixing and music. If you would like to help us finance the production of this film, please consider donating an amount of your choice via PayPal. All donations will go directly towards production expenses. PayPal is an and easy and secure way to process online payments. For questions and comments, contact us at


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The If Only I Were That Warrior Team