Greetings from Rome!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

A few days ago we left Rome, where we spent a week filming. We’re quite satisfied with the material we gathered, and we wanted to share some photos with you.

Our journey started in Ceccano, an hour outside of Rome. Here we interviewed Romano Misserville, former senator and former mayor of Filettino, Rodolfo Graziani’s hometown. Mr. Misserville was the first to try to dedicate a museum wing to Graziani, years before the monument in Affile.

Prof. Mauro Canali, one of the greatest experts on the topic of Italian Fascism, gave us rare access to the State Archives in Rome. We were able to explore a vast trove of classified documents from the Graziani archive, which were made all the richer thanks to Prof. Canali’s insightful comments.

We checked in with our friend Manuel in Affile, where the monument to Graziani is unchanged. He told us about the ongoing efforts to oppose the monument and the local administration that constructed it, and shared his hopes for the upcoming months.

We spent a part of this trip with Mulu and the Ethiopian Community in Rome. We filmed a nocturnal Easter mass with an Ethiopian congregation, and followed Mulu in her everyday life around the city. You can see her here with director Valerio Ciriaci, waiting for a haircut at an Ethiopian hair salon.

Every year on April 25th Italy celebrates liberation day, a national holiday that commemorates the final downfall of the Fascist regime in 1945. Of course we couldn’t miss this appointment with history, which is remembered every year with a parade in the heart of Rome.

Rome treated us very well — now we are off to Ethiopia. All of this was only possible thanks to your invaluable help. A huge thank you to our amazing backers!




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